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« Today with Kathie Lee & Hoda (HD, Repeat) "Ambush Makeover"; "Finding Forgiveness"; "Bobbie's Buzz"; "Game Show Week" with "HQ" host Scott Rogowsky.
NBC 4 at Eleven (HD, Repeat) The day's major news events, business reports, local sports updates, weather information and tomorrow's forecast are presented by the NBC 4 Nightly News Team.
Early Today (HD, New, TV-G) A comprehensive first look at overnight news events from the nation and the world includes weather, business, entertainment and sports reports.
NBC4 Today at 4am (New)
NBC 4 Today at 5am (HD, New) Details affecting local and national news events of the day are provided by the NBC 4 News Team, as well as updates on Columbus area weather and traffic.

« Mannix Missing: Sun and Sky (TV-PG) A horse favored to win the Kentucky Derby, and possibly the Triple Crown, is kidnapped while its journey to Kentucky in anticipation for the race.
Cannon The Sounds of Silence (TV-PG) A young woman's fiance goes missing just before their wedding, and his business partners are refusing to say anything about his location.
77 Sunset Strip Out of the Past (TV-PG) A private eye who works out of an office at 77 Sunset Strip in Hollywood as his cases lead him all over the world.
Peter Gunn The Family Affair (TV-PG) When an unknown person makes several attempts to kill off an ailing rich man, Gunn believes the incidences could be blamed on the man's only relative.

« CSI: Crime Scene Investigation The Theory of Everything (HD, TV-14) After learning that several murder victims possess green-tinted blood, Grissom and his team suspect that their mysterious deaths may all be related.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Inspiration Today Camp Meeting (TV-PG) Impassioned teachers and lively musical guests aid David and Barbara Cerullo as they worship and preach about God.

The Drew Carey Show All Work and No Play (TV-14) Kate receives a phone call at the Warsaw stating that Drew has been in an accident and is in the hospital; Drew accuses Mr. Wick of stealing his friends.
Grace Under Fire Hello, I'm Your Mother (TV-14) Grace's first son, who was given up for adoption, contacts Grace and wants answers to his questions such as who his father is.
Flubber (TV-PG, PG, **) A bumbling professor accidentally creates a substance that could help save the financially embattled college where he and his fiancée teach.
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